Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Art Exploration

Woohoo! Here we go!

Our first theme is "getting to know you". So... choose an item that represents you ~ your beliefs, your dreams, your past, or whatever. It could be a piece of jewelery, a favourite shoe, an old postcard, a picture, an heirloom, etc.

Let it inspire you. Sketch it, collage it, paint it...

Bring those sketches and the object to our first meeting in January (date TBA) or a few of your favourites ~ no pressure. you'll meet your fellow artsy fartsy wannabees and we'll eat , drink and be merry.

Bring your sketch books so we can do some exploring while we're together.

Check out our video and our other blogs - which we're very proud of as we've never blogged before!

This is the piece Susan and Dave bought in Hawaii this summer. It is by Anthony Quinn. I love the colours and how there is a folk art feeling. You should see it framed in their house over the fireplace -beautiful! And you will when you come to our first art club meeting in January...
Susan and I met today and ate a delicious breakfast cooked by her daughter Katie. We both had surprise art presents for each other and they were (no surprise here) quite similar. Now we are going to look at the great site Etsy to see handmade creations by artsy folks all over the world.
Stay tuned for your first art exploration assignment and the date for our first live meeting. Hunt down a sketch book and start thinking about your wine selection...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

This is one of those pictures. I got the idea from a pic I saw in google images. I always feel like I have to explain that the ears are supposed to be that big...
I'm excited about getting going with our sketching assignments but I guess it will take time to get organized.
Su&Ky are meeting tomorrow. We'll pick our first theme so we can get going.
Eeee... this is going to be good...

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I've painted a few embarassing pictures but Kyla, my cheerleader, was all encouragement and praise. Dave and I recently bought some "real art" and when Kyla saw it, and saw the sketch books the artist had created she was inspired and said, "Let's start an art club." So here we are.

So, Kyla, how does this sound?
The goal:
-learn about art; spend time with friends; eat and drink a little; laugh a lot

The sketchy plan (good pun!!):
-meet every 8 weeks or so
-have a theme for each period
-save our sketches of the theme in albums and on line
-give each other feedback